Sensational Learning is a Primary Education Consultancy and Tuition service based in Essex.  We offer private tuition for children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND), as well as parent workshops and consultancy to educational settings. We are known for our friendly, warm and approachable service and for bringing up to date, relevant advancements in Education directly to the learners and their families – be that via tuition or supporting parents in our workshops.

Our ‘USP’ is that the company is run by an experienced senior teacher and lecturer in Primary Education, Hannah Wright.  Hannah has worked in several boroughs across the South East and in a variety of settings. She still teaches in Primary schools today, so she is up to date with the latest developments in Education and knows of the pressures put upon teachers, parents and children today. That’s why her advice and guidance is practical, user friendly and achievable for all.  This is not just her job, this is her passion and vocation.


Our Philosophy… 

We believe that for learning to be sensational it must be meaningful, purposeful and challenging for the child.  They must sense, experience and be involved in their learning if they are to make progress.  We provide a holistic, wrap around approach that caters to children’s individual learning styles.



How can we help you?

Whether it be private tuition for you child, parent workshops or our school liaison service for parent meetings, we can assist you in supporting your child to get the best education.

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